Health information - med help forums health tools health information experts my medhelp neurology expert forum hindbrain hernia? Post a question << back to forum by foxy | apr 03, 2002 5 comments answered by ccf-neuro-m. D. -jt hindbrain hernia? viagra canada free trial Hello, please forgive the length of this question. Is it possible to develop a 2nd hindbrain hernia or a syrinx cavity following a successful decompesssion? I have been fine since 1986 following the above, but then about a year ago i started having increased headaches, and a noticeable increase of pressure in my head(i couldn't blow up a balloon or dive underwater- without intense pain. viagra pills canada cheap The headache in the back to the top of my head came to stay in january, along with pins and needles in my hands and feet, a desensitivity to sharp in my middle torso, a desensitivity to sharp and heat in my hands and feet, a mild weakening to my right side and a slightly crooked walk, nausea and a very hot sticky headache at times. viagra canada free trial I have also started to snore! viagra viagra cost And perspire more- at night. cheapest female viagra My mri scans of head, neck and thoracic spine were " virtually normal" whatever that means and the lumbar puncture was normal readings with a pressure of 17cm. instructions on using viagra Have they missed something? Do you have any clues that i could take to my neuro team. I am 31 year old lady with a 7 year old son - also diagnosed with a borderline hernia that is being watched. Thank you. Tags: hernia, neurology, general neurology, cavity, head, headache, neurological tweet related discussions recurring pain two years ago i had a hernia repaired with mesh, inguina... [more] husbands pain (5 replies):my husband is 26. He has had 2 hernia surguries and now... viagra coupon [more]? Reoccurance hind brain hernia. (1 replies):uk 57 yrs old,diagnosed 1994 bih,surgery for hind brain... [more] genital hernia (1 replies):l have a burning feet @ night , l have tried vitamin b... [more] syrinx? (3 replies):6 years ago i broke l1. 2 years ago i was found to have a... viagra samples [more] ccf-neuro-m. cheap generic viagra D. maximum dose for viagra -jt   apr 03, 2002 sorry to hear about your symptoms. viagra without prescription Not quite sure what you mean by "hindbrain hernia". You may.